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Systemic absorption may occur with the use of ESTRACE CREAMThe warningsprecautionsand adverse reactions associated with oral estrogen treatment should be taken into account.

The most common side effects includeheadachebreast painirregular vaginal bleeding or spottingstomach/abdominal cramps and/or bloatingnausea and vomitinghair lossfluid retentionvaginal yeast infectionvaginal burningirritation and itching.

There arehoweverpossible risks which may be associated with the use of progestins with estrogens compared to estrogen-alone regimensThese include a possible increased risk of breast cancer.

3See your healthcare provider right away if you have vaginal bleeding while taking Estrace.

Estradiolestroneand estriol are excreted in the urine along with glucuronide and sulfate conjugates.

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read this patient information before you start taking estrace and read what you get each time you refill estrace.

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