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Nicotinell TTS should be used with caution on diseased skinsee section 4.2In the event of a severe or persistent skin reactiondiscontinue treatment and use another pharmaceutical form of nicotine replacement therapy.

Use Nicotinell Chewing Gum as instructed.If you follow these recommendations you should get the full benefit of the Nicotinell Program.

The combination is more effective than either product alone in people who have been unable to quit smoking using a single NRT methodincreasing your chances of successfully quitting.

If you are in hospital because of a heart attacksevere heart rhythm disorders or a strokeyou should try to quit smoking without using NRT unless your doctor tells you to use itOnce you are discharged from the hospitalyou may use NRT in consultation with your doctor.

Nicotinell Liquorice Chewing GumIndividuals who are liquorice-sensitivealong with those who chew more Nicotinell Liquorice Chewing Gum than is recommendedmay experience symptoms of water retentionheadachevertigoincreased urinationincreased blood pressure and general weaknessIf you experience such symptomsstop using the gums and consult a doctor.

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nicotinell patch is a nicotine patch that provides a consistent supply of nicotine for 24 hours.

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