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Vomiting or diarrhoea may reduce the efficacy of oral contraceptives by preventing full absorptionTablets from the current pack should be continuedAdditional non-hormonal methods of contraceptionexcept the rhythm or temperature methodsshould be used during the gastrointestinal upset and for 7 days following the upsetIf these 7 days overrun the end of a packthe next pack should be started without a breakIn this situationa withdrawal bleed should not be expected until the end of the second packIf the patient does not have a withdrawal bleed during the tablet-free interval following the end of the second packthe possibility of pregnancy must be ruled out before starting the next packOther methods of contraception should be considered if the gastrointestinal disorder is likely to be prolonged.

When stopping oral contraceptionnon-hormonal contraception should be used to ensure contraceptive protection is maintainedif needed.

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