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Domperidone works by helping to move the food in your stomach through your digestive system more quicklyThis helps to stop you from feeling sick.

The drug is widely prescribed by GPs for babies with severe reflux and can continue to be used in this way under caution and when the doctor has carefully calculated the dose according to the child’s weight and is satisfied they do not have a heart conditiona spokesman for the drugs regulator said.

Here are 5 common questions answered about the use of Motilium to increase supply when breastfeeding.

The European review recommended that medical intervention is likely to be needed to identify patients suitable for treatment with domperidoneTaking account of the new recommendationscontraindications and warnings now in place to minimise the small risk of serious cardiac effectsthe CHM concluded that domperidone is no longer suitable for supply without prescription.

It is recommended to take oral Motilium before mealsIf taken after mealsabsorption of the drug is somewhat delayed.

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