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Information about Topamax.

Overdose symptoms may include drowsinessagitationdepressiondouble visionthinking problemsproblems with speech or coordinationfaintingand seizureconvulsions

For rapid cycling or mixed bipolar statesthere are some cases where Topiramate is effective when these other two drugs are not.

Can Topiramate treat episodes of depressionmaniaand mixed statesCan it prevent these episodes?

In the four multicenterrandomizeddouble-blindplacebo-controlledparallel group migraine prophylaxis clinical trialswhich included 35 pediatric patients 12 to 15 years of agemost adverse reactions occurred more frequently during the titration period than during the maintenance period.

Do not stop using Topamax suddenlyeven if you feel fineStopping suddenly may cause increased seizuresFollow your doctor’s instructions about tapering your dose.

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i began taking topamax to see if it would control my seizures.

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